Mj Lephallo, Mr (Executive Director)

Director's Message

Welcome to our website, we are glad you took time to find out more about ACT and our strategic objectives and generic mandate. ACT is a None Governmental Organization in Lesotho with the mandate to advocate for prudent public finance management in the spirit of accountability, commitment and solidarity in Lesotho to achieve strategic development goals and international commitments such as SDGs and Cop26 goals and Human rights obligation and commitment.
Key among matters that are close to our heart as the organization is the issue of fiscal accountability as a strategic tool to attain human rights, SDGs , Cop26 and good governance objectives that stir quality public service in Lesotho.
An honest attempt to strategic attain goals and objectives of government and or any organization find its core from the monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes that are in place. Accountability is a key ingredient in managing, tracking projects, auditing fiscal and general performance for efficient planning and achievement of governmental goals and objectives.
There should be a clear commitment to engage all stakeholders, especially the private sector, women and youth in the attempt to set Lesotho ready to achieve her SDG, Human Rights obligations and Climate objective and or economic milestones. We need a holistic engagement of all stake holders even of crucial potential national projects like the pending Millennium Challenge Compact II.
Going forward, we shall be happy to share information, reports, progress, limitations and success stories in Lesotho and her journey of becoming the nation she is aspiring to become on matters of accountability and key opportunity projects that call for collective stakeholder engagement in Lesotho.